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Reload HR works with you on the journey towards a modern Human Resources' function.


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Reload HR a team of digital  transformation consultants, dedicated to HR Transformation and HR Tech Implementation


Our Vision

We founded Reload HR in 2018 with the vision of delivering HR Transformation projects agile and hands-on with a team of Experts in a transparent manner 


Our Services

Our strength is to get things done and to work solution oriented towards your goal for a more digitalized and future-ready landscape


Our Expertise

With our HR expertise and our hands-on technical capabilities, we bridge between HR and IT. Combining and mastering both backgrounds, we excel in delivering smooth transformations and holistic solutions. 


Our Services


HR Strategy

& Transformation  

We help organizations bringing their HR function to the next level. We streamline, digitalize, and automate processes to enable teams for a better focus on delivering high quality services driving real business impact. We tailor operating models, shape service catalogs and help you to convert your HR strategy into tangible transition projects. 


HR Technology Implementation

& Rollout

We offer HR Information System (HRIS) consulting services across the full HR process portfolio and implementation lifecycle - from vendor selection and solution architecture, to deployment and run. We are an SAP SuccessFactors implementation partner with hands-on expertise in the areas of: Core HR Administration, Recruiting and Onboarding, Performance & Reward, Learning & Development as well as Reporting & Analytics. 


HR Application

& Bot Development

We are your partner of choice when it comes to developing high impact technology solutions for HR. We build cloud-based extensions to existing HR system's landscape on all common platforms. We develop tailor made applications to provide scalable solutions that meet business needs and fit seamless into pre-existing technical architectures.


Agile Transformation in HR

We strongly believe in agile methodologies and we help organizations to make use of its added value in project management to achieve optimal control, rapid solution deployment, focus on customer ‘s needs as well as collaboration and feedback. In the digital workplace, we also see an increasing need for speed, flexibility and productivity in HR and IT organizations, that we approach with a focused agile transformation concept for HR and IT departments. 


Job Evaluation, Compensation Analysis 

& Skill Assessment 


We offer an innovative and efficient approach to drive projects with regards to Job Evaluation, Skill Assessment and Compensation Analysis. With our deep market knowledge and experience implementing smart integrations, we enable organizations to tackle the challenges of grading and skill management. 


gradar - The Job Evaluation Engine

To provide our clients with the best service possible when it comes to HR consultancy and implementation, we partner with gradar. gradar is an accessible, affordable software that provides a suite of specialist job architecture services such as job evaluation, competency management and compensation analysis. This simple, transparent application makes it easy to analyse and evaluate jobs. Reload HR runs next generation job evaluation projects in conjuntion with Gradar.

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Our Team

Leo Daniels

Co Founder & Consultant Digital HR 

I am passionate in guiding organizations on their digital HR transformation journey. My track record in global HR transformation programs in market-leading enterprises includes process optimization, system implementation and organizational design through all phases – from planning and initiation till solution deployment. I am an expert in SAP SuccessFactors and certified Scrum Master.


Ask me about: Agile Methodology; HRIS Implementation Strategy; Measuring Project Success; SAP SuccessFactors; HR Process Optimization; HR Operations

Piotr Jacak

Co-founder & Consultant Digital HR

My focus is technology consulting including solution architecture, integration scenarios, APIs and platforms.

I took part in global HR template rollouts managing both onsite and offsite teams and led hr-tech initiatives as part of

major HR transformation programs.


Ask me about #hrtech #apis #platforms #agile

Sascha Lutz

Co Founder & Consultant Digital HR 

My aspiration is to help clients in moving HR to the next level. With a foundation of 20 years expertise in HR programs I have a deep and granular end to end understanding of HR Technology, Operating Model and HR Process Design. I am an expert in designing solutions that generate business Value from Digitalization & Cloud technology to the HR world. Methodology-wise I am passionate about Agile and SCRUM and a certified Scrum Master. 

Ask me about: HR Technology, SAP SuccessFactors, SAP HXM, Systems& Solution Architecture,  digital HR, agile HR Transformation, Project organization &  Project Management 

Alaeddine Ouederni

Consultant Digital HR

A true believer in the Human Capital's value for IT and innovation; I seek to reinvent HR practices as well as to leverage the digital transformation and smart workflows for shaping tomorrow's organizations.
I help my clients to understand innovation's development and human interests' trends as well as to build sustainable and efficient HR processes, with the Human component at its very center, thus preparing their tomorrow's driving force. Being an agile native, I bring to the table a cross-industry experience delivering end-to-end HR value-driven solutions. 

Ask me about: Agile HR transformation, Employee life cycle, HRIS and solution architecture, SAP SuccessFactors, HR operating model and process design & optimization, Talent Strategy and smart recruiting.

Arthi Praveen

Consultant Digital HR

A self-initiated and resilient professional with several years of experience in the Human Resources function spanned across gaining extensive hands-on know-how of technology and leveraging the same to support & grow HR practices across organizations. I enjoy working at the intersection of core HR and technology that enabled me to achieve a lot better than the traditional approach. I am adroit at analyzing the organization's requirements with a proven capability to thrive in dynamic and fluid environments while remaining pragmatic and focused.


Ask me about: Advance Reporting; Workforce Analytics; Predictive Analysis; Performance & Goal Management; Power BI; SAP SuccessFactors; HR Audits; HR Operations; User-friendly structured training Handbook

Felix Hartmann

Consultant Assistant

My passion is clear communication and clear solutions. On the way to a digitally transformed HR, I can enrich your project with my expertise in change management,

team development and structured solution-oriented thinking. Additionally, my cross-industry expertise enables me to have a helicopter-view and be able to support innovative solutions.


Ask me about: Agile methods, trends & technologies of industry 4.0, team building and conflict resolution methods

Hanan Bohajra

Consultant Digital HR

I am passionate about HR and digital transformation. I love challenges, as I see them as opportunities for the employees, the company, and the stakeholders, to shape the business to create a lovable and competitive service product on the market. To achieve the business goals are for me very important, as it reflects my results and impact on the company. You will find in me a highly energetic and dedicated person with excellent interpersonal skills which enables me to interact with a wide range of people & culture in a fast-paced environment. With the utmost discretion and integrity when dealing with confidential information.


Ask me about: User Experience, Success Factors Recruiting, Agile Methodology, System Implementation, HR Process Optimization.

Sonia Horton


Consultant Digital HR

With multiple years of professional experience in the HR field focused primarily on HR digitalization, I have been intensively engaged in all phases of the HR system implementation and still continue supporting clients with their system rollouts worldwide. My track record includes HR IT system specialist and also project lead roles. I am an expert in SAP SuccessFactors / Employee Central and a certified Scrum Master.


Ask me about: Agile HR Transformation, Agile Methodology with strong focus on Scrum Framework and SAP SuccessFactors.

Verena Nuth


Consultant Digital HR

With a passion for Learning & Development I am an enabler of transformation through upskilling. I have years of experience in Learning Management and HR as well as project experience within insurance and finance.

Ask me about: Personnel Development; Employer Branding; Learning Management; SAP SuccessFactors; HR Process Optimization; Training & Workshops


Our Team


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